Who is this guide written for?

This guide is written for product development teams in Partner organizations that want to integrate their products with the Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform. It assumes you are experienced with RESTful APIs and building backend web applications using contemporary web development frameworks such as Java Spring, .NET Core, NodeJS Express, Python Flask, Ruby Sinatra, or Rails. Though you can work with any development framework, the API examples in this guide are written in Python because it is popular and relatively easy to understand.

A product's user-interface is a web-browser application built using HTML5 and JavaScript, that is embedded within an Encompass web application. You can use any front-end web application development framework to build a user-interface (such as React, Angular or Vue), as long as it is supported by the browsers used across IMT products.



Browser Support

Look here for a list of browsers and versions supported by IMT products.

What’s Next