Transaction Service: Options Schema Registration

The options section of the transaction request enables your integration to include user-input selections in a free form JSON object. This provides flexibility around the data that your integration can pass as part of transaction request creation. Encompass Partner Connect requires every integration to register their options schema as part of the product configuration.

  • When an incoming transaction request has options, but Options schema is not defined in the product for that requestType, the transaction will not be created and the following possible error messages will be displayed:
    Product does not have options schema defined for the requestType
    Http 400 Bad Request
  • When an incoming transaction request does not have options, then Options schema validation will not happen even when the options schema is defined for that requestType.
  • Additional properties (other than what is defined in the options schema) will not be sent
  • Options schema validation will take place before applying data entitlements

To create and register your transaction options schema

  1. Create your transaction options schema using a json schema generator tool such as : or
    Use full comprehensive schema payload as input to the schema generator.
  2. Register the options schema by doing a PATCH request at the following endpoint
"options": [
      "requestTypes": [
      "schema": {
        "$schema": "",
        "type": "object",
        "properties": {
          "reportOn": {
            "type": "string",
            "description": "Order credit report for coborrower"
          "creditBureauEquifax": {
            "type": "boolean",
            "description": "credit Bureau Equifax"
        "required": [



Encompass Partner Connect will fail any transactions if the transaction request options include attributes that are not listed in the registered schema