How do I ask for help?

Several resources are available to you as an ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) Partner:

  • If you need help with your existing partnership, contact your Partner Alliance Manager. If you would like to become an ICE Mortgage Technology Partner, please submit your request here.

  • Your EPC contract entitles you to ten hours of consulting services offered by our Solutions Services team, which you can utilize while building and releasing your integration. To take advantage of this, please contact your ICE Client Success Manager.

  • If you need help, or run into any issues while building and testing your integration, you can post your questions and/or look for answers on our Discussion board. Our discussion board is actively tracked by a community of experts who are available to help you out when you get stuck. You can also send your questions and issues to the EPC core development team at [email protected]


Early in the development process, you will need support from the EPC team to set up your integration's data read/write entitlements. Reach out to your account manager to start this process.

  • For help with your live integrations, please contact IMT support via our Resource Center. You need your Encompass Client ID and sandbox Encompass instance credentials (username and password) to log into the support center.

  • If you don't have your Encompass Client ID, see the section Getting Authorized to learn how to retrieve it, or contact your IMT account manager.

  • If you don't have your sandbox Encompass instance credentials, contact your IMT account manager.

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