Onboarding a Development Product

Initial Provisioning

ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) will create two sets of production API credentials and one set of test API credentials for your use. The production credentials allow Partners to handle production-instance deployment or upgrades and are used in conjunction with EPC production products, to service real billable service orders from lenders. The test credentials work only with partner sandbox products for servicing non-billable, test traffic.

Product On-boarding

At this point, you should create an EPC sandbox product for each development environment in which you need to develop your integration (e.g. development, QA, staging, UAT, production). This can be done on a SDLC timeline that aligns with your needs.

To onboard a product, you need to determine the appropriate data values for several items by calling https://api.elliemae.com/partner/v2/products.

Data Entitlements

Work with EPC Support to determine which Encompass loan fields are required to display your UI, and accept and fulfill a service order. You need to work through your Partner account manager to get these values and add them to your product configuration API call.

Access Entitlements

Enable your provisioned Encompass sandbox instance to access your product and test it in each of your development environments.

Manage Sandbox Integration Listing

Next, add relevant tags for accessing your development product in Encompass:

  • categories - to indicate in which category your development product will be listed.
  • applications - to indicate the IMT applications that can access your development product (e.g. Encompass Smart Client/Desktop Version of Encompass, Loan Officer Connect/Web Version of Encompass, Encompass Consumer Connect, etc.)
  • workflows - to indicate whether the workflow support is interactive and/or automated, which determines how users can interact with your integration in development.

For more information, please see Registering the Application.