Custom Transaction Result Workflows


Most service providers using the EPC platform are looking to deliver two primary artifacts to a lender upon fulfillment of a service order request - loan specific data, and file attachments. For example, an appraisal integration aims to deliver the final appraised value of the subject property to the loan along with the appraisal report as a PDF file. There are some integrators though, that may want to do more than just importing loan data and file attachments into the loan. An example being pricing engine integrations, which would also want to initiate a special workflow to trigger the interest rate lock for the subject loan, based on the loan program the lender has selected for the borrower.

To initiate such a custom workflow, the EPC platform has introduced a defined set of transaction response results. A result represents a workflow that needs to be initiated as a result of the successful fulfillment of a service order. It occurs in parallel with standard loan and file attachment ingress, but usually involves more complex orchestrations within Encompass.

Data Contract

A transaction response result contains the following top-level attributes:

$.result.formatThe specific format/schema definition version of the custom transaction result
$.result.actionThe workflow action that will be initiated upon acknowledging the result
$.result.detailsDetails pertinent to the custom result relevant to the resulting workflow that is initiated
   "status": "completed",
   "result": {
      "format": "application/vnd.productpricing-lock-1.0.0.json",
      "action": "LOCK",
      "details": {

EPC's handling and processing of the custom transaction response result is based on the action specified in the response. The table below has the list of actions currently supported by EPC.

LOCKPRODUCTPRICINGEnables requesting a rate lock on a loan
CANCELPRODUCTPRICINGEnables requesting cancellation of an existing locked rate
RELOCKPRODUCTPRICINGEnables requesting the relocking of an existing locked rate
EXTENDPRODUCTPRICINGEnables requesting the extension of an existing locked rate
LOCK_CONFIRMPRODUCTPRICINGEnables to perform lock request and confirm it in a single transaction response
DENYPRODUCTPRICINGEnables to perform a deny operation on a requested rate lock
UPDATEPRODUCTPRICINGEnables to perform an update operation on a rate lock
UPDATE_CONFIRMPRODUCTPRICINGEnables to perform an update operation on a rate lock and confirm it in a single transaction response

Required Entitlements

A partner integration is restricted to sending only one result, and corresponding action, per transaction response. And for doing so, the integration needs to have the corresponding response result entitlement registered in its product configuration, along with its standard data and document delivery entitlements.


Registering transaction response result entitlements

If you are interested in leveraging one of the special transaction result workflows supported by the EPC platform, reach out to your account manager to get the necessary entitlements registered with your integrations configuration.


Results are independent of request types

Request types are defined by the integration itself. EPC does not attempt to interpret the request type for the subject transaction delivering the response result. The custom transactional operations are purely based on the action sent as part of the response. If the response does not specify any action as part of the response, EPC processes the response as a standard loan data/file attachment update.