Feature Flags

This sections covers how a partner can specify the various EPC platform features that are supported within the integration


Feature FlagDefinition
receiveautomatedTransactionUpdatesEnables service order update workflow.
sendFindingsEnables lender to map partners findings Encompass conditions or task.
receiveResourceTypesIdentifies that the service supports document mapping: Lender to Partner.
sendResourceTypesIdentifies that the service supports document mapping: Partner to Lender.
sendServiceEventsService sends registered service event as part of a service order transaction.
A service event can be sent by the Partner to Lender OR Lender to Partner
receiveServiceEventsThe service can receive lender-initiated service events.


Please note that Partners must register their Findings, Services Events, and Resources as part of their product configuration to fully support the feature.

"feature": {
        "receiveAutomatedTransactionUpdates": false,
        "receiveResourceTypes": false,
        "sendResourceTypes": false,
        "sendServiceEvents": false,
        "receiveServiceEvents": false,