Debugging in Encompass Desktop



Install the Google Chrome browser before you continue. Please note on Windows operating systems, Chrome must be installed on the C: drive.

Step 1

Log in to Encompass, and navigate to your **Pipeline**. Open the loan you’d like to debug.

Step 2

Click on the service category your product is listed under on the **Services** side-nav. Select your product as listed on the "My Providers" grid, and click **Submit**.

Step 3

A Services screen opens with an animated Encompass logo, indicating your products user-interface is being loaded. When this screen appears, press **Ctrl + F5**.

Step 4

A prompt appears asking if you’d like to restart the Host Adapter in debug mode. Click **Yes**.

Step 5

Chrome opens and displays the Debug Tool. Return to Encompass desktop.

Step 6

A pop-up prompts you to click **OK** once the debugger is running. Click **OK** to resume loading the integration.

Step 7

The **Chrome Developer Tools** are now running! You can use them to inspect console logs, network logs, profile performance and everything else you are able to do when de-bugging your application in the Chrome browser.


The Encompass desktop application uses Google's Chromium browser engine to embed Partner integrations - allowing us to leverage Chrome Developer Tools for integration de-bugging!


Chrome Dev Tools not working?

After having launched the integration in debug mode, if it looks like the Chrome developer tools aren't working - this may be an issue you can solve with a quick change to the dev tools URL. Replace the current URL - from the beginning uptil ...inspector.html? - with the following:


If the Chrome debugger still doesn't work after making this change - reach out to the EPC Support Team for help.

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