Lifecycle Terms and Definitions

The following terms are used in this section to define Encompass instances, partner integration environments, and various development tools.


production Encompass instance
Represents a lender system with actual borrower/customer data that requires full production SLAs, data protection, etc. - used by lenders to conduct real business.

sandbox Encompass instance
1. Could represent a lender pre-release test environment, i.e. customer-owned but without production data, meant for testing out new features before rolling them out to users.
2. Could represent a partner test environment provisioned for sandboxed development/testing of an integration across possible lender application environments, without production loan data.

sandbox EPC product
sandbox products enable partners to develop and test their integrations in pre-production Encompass application environments.

1. Transactions originated against sandbox partner products are non-billable.
2. Sandbox products are only accessible to lender non-production environments.
3. origins and transactions for sandbox products can only be accessed using sandbox/test Partner API keys.
4. The status of sandbox products can be one of development, inReview, or deprecated.

production EPC product
production products allow partners to service real production traffic from production lender systems.

1. Transactions originated against production partner products are billable.
2. Production products are only accessible to lender production environments.
3. origins and transactions for production products can only be accessed using production Partner API keys.
4. Production products can only be in approved status.