What is Encompass Partner Connect?

Encompass Partner Connect (EPC) is a cloud-native, 3rd-party-services integration platform that enables service providers to seamlessly offer their products and services to lenders on the ICE Mortgage Technology Digital Lending Platform.


EPC is the next-generation iteration of the Ellie Mae Network (EMN) integrations platform. Today, ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) Lenders can take advantage of the various products that have been integrated with Encompass via EMN. These products include consumer credit reporting, property valuation, title and closing, loan program search and pricing, mortgage insurance, verification of assets/liabilities, income, tax returns, and many others.

In addition to providing parity with EMN, EPC offers exciting new capabilities and development paradigms to Partner integrators, some of which include:

Build Once, Use Everywhere πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Partners need to build and release an integrated product only once. Once a product is released, Lenders can use it in all of IMT's Lender-facing applications, including Encompass Desktop, Loan Officer Connect, Consumer Connect and TPO Connect

You Build it, You Own it 🚒

Partners are enabled to enhance and innovate their integrated products on their own timeline, and are not bound to IMT's release schedule or custom enhancement request pipeline.

Lender APIs out-of-the-box βš™οΈ

Once a product is released, it is instantly available through the Developer Connect Encompass API suite. Lenders can put orders through a products user-interface, or via a simple REST API. These APIs enable Lenders to innovate and build sophisticated ordering workflows.

Lender Automation out-of-the-box πŸ’‘

EPC supports 1-Click and automated ordering functionalities for Lenders. EPC products can be configured to automatically place orders when loans fulfill certain conditions.

Performant, Resilient, Scalable and Secure πŸ’ͺ

EPC is built with scale, resilience, security, and supportability being top-of-mind.