Supported Transactional Workflows

Lenders are able to create new transactions with a Partner integration in multiple ways:

Interactive ordering via Encompass applications:

An integration's user-interface is embedded within an ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) lender-facing application, such as Encompass (web and desktop versions). The Lender interacts with this user-interface to manually initiate a new service request with, and receive updates from, the Partner integration.

Headless ordering via the Encompass Developer Connect (EDC) API:

A user-interface is not involved. Lenders can invoke a service ordering API published on EDC, supplying the necessary data inputs for a Partner integration to contextualize and fulfill an order. Lenders use these APIs to build proprietary automated workflows in their loan processing ecosystem.

1-click/Automated Ordering via the Encompass workflow engine:

An integration's administrator-facing user-interface allows Lender administrators to create transactional templates. Once saved, these order templates are associated with certain business conditions in a loan. When those conditions are met, a transaction begins via a single click by a user, or via an automation engine using the template created by the Lender administrator.

Integration can specify the URL of administrator-facing screen in the product configuration as below:

      "Basic Certificate"

This section covers how applications can register the specific transaction initiation workflows the subject product currently supports.

Supported Workflows

This tag governs if the application is available for 1-click and automated ordering, in addition to manual/interactive ordering. The allowed values are:

  • interactive
  • automated

At minimum, an application must support interactive ordering.

Content-Type: application/merge-patch+json

  "tags": {
    "applications": [
      "LO Connect",
      "Encompass Smart Client"
    "categories": [
    "workflows": [

The above sample configuration makes the application available in both web and desktop editions of Encompass. It lists the application under the Appraisal category and indicates that the application supports only interactive ordering.

  "id": "562a9740-2e27-44fd-8ff6-8731de6aa0fc"