What do I need to get started?

To start developing and testing an integration on EPC, you need to sign the ICE Mortgage Technology partner agreement, get provisioned an EPC sandbox development environment, and receive your set of EPC API keys.


EPC Contract

If you are ready to get started on building your integration, and want to initiate the contracting process and become an ICE Mortgage Technology Partner, please contact our VP of Partner Development, Bob Hart, at [email protected]

EPC Sandbox

An EPC Partner sandbox is an instance of the Encompass application suite in which you can load, view, and test your integration before you make it available to Lenders. An EPC Encompass sandbox mirrors a Lender's production instance of Encompass, giving Partners a dependable sandbox to validate their integration development. Your EPC sandbox gives you access to Web and Desktop versions of Encompass and Encompass Developer Connect.

Access to the following products can be configured in the same sandbox if you plan to make your integration available to them:

  1. Encompass TPO Connect
  2. Encompass Consumer Connect


oAuth client_id and client_secret pairs

You need a set of API keys to authenticate against and make calls to the EPC API. They are vital to identify your integration and enforce your authorizations/entitlements in the ICE ecosystem.

When you sign up for EPC, you will get three sets of API keys:

  1. One set is a development (or sandbox) set that can be used only in your EPC sandbox. This set cannot be used to service transactions from production Lender instances. Only transactions from your own sandbox or from a Lender's sandbox/test instance can be serviced. Transactions originating from sandbox environments will be considered mock, non-billable transactions by the platform.

  2. The other two sets are production API keys. These sets can be used to service transactions from a Lender's production instance of Encompass. These transactions are considered billable. You get two sets of production API keys so you can rotate credentials with zero downtime. API keys will be discussed in detail later.

Getting Started

Once you've signed the ICE partner agreement and have received your development sandbox and API keys, you can get started on building, testing and publishing your integration for production use by lenders:

  1. Download the sample EPC Postman collection, and give our API a test run
  2. Register your integration, and manage its configuration
  3. Develop and test your integration
  4. Submit your integration for review and certification
  5. Make your integration available to lenders in their production environment!

Steps 2-5 will be discussed in more detail in the following sections.