Application Availability and Listing

This section covers how integrations can control which specific Lender/Borrower facing applications can access the integration, as well as affect how the integration is listed within said applications.

Application Availability

The applications tag for an EPC product configuration helps Partners control which specific Lender/Borrower facing applications can access the subject integration.

You can list your integration in the following supported Encompass applications:

  1. LO Connect for Encompass Web
  2. Encompass Smart Client for the Encompass desktop application
  3. Encompass Consumer Connect for Borrowers
  4. TPO Connect (TPOC) for Third Party Originator
  5. Encompass Developer Connect for Service Ordering
"tags": {
  "applications": [
    "LO Connect"
    "Encompass Smart Client"
    "urn:elli:application:consumerconnect "

Listing Category

This tag determines the mortgage service categories an application will be listed under. The allowed attribute values are:

  • AUS (for the Automated Underwriting System category)
  • ClosingFees (for the fees category)
  • DOC (for Documents category)
  • MI (for the Mortgage Insurance category)
  • PRODUCTPRICING (for the Product and Pricing category)
  • TITLE (for the Title and Closing category)
  • VERIF (for the Verification category)
  • OTHER (for Additional Services)
"tags": {
  "categories": [


Tags are case-sensitive

All product tag values are case-sensitive - so make sure you are precisely matching the casing prescribed in the API reference and documentation above