Read/Write Custom Fields via Extension Mapping

Extension enables partner integration to read and write lender instance specific custom fields in a uniform and pre-defined manner. To enable this the lender administrators would need to specify mapping between their instance specific custom field ids and integration published extension field ids. The steps to define mapping are as below:


Web Version of Encompass: Field Mapping setting

Field Mapping tab can found within the Encompass Service Management screen when logged in as administrator.


Extensions field for read/transaction request

For Read/Transaction Request, mapping for standard, custom and lock request (LR) fields - to extensions are supported.

From Encompass to Provider (Maps To)

When a lender is reading data from EPC, if EPC identifies the Encompass Field ID (Standard, Custom or Lock Request) in the customer's instance, data from the field will be sent to the partner's Provider Field Name JSON path.

From Provider to Encompass (Maps From)

When a partner sends their response to Encompass Field ID (Standard, Custom or Lock Request), the data is written to the Provider Field Name.


Write back via Extensions is limited to custom or lock request fields only

Via the extension the integration can only write back to custom or lock request fields. Writing to standard fields via extension is not supported.

Max number of fields supported for a partner

Max number of fields supported for a partner


Maximum Number of Extensions

Partners cannot send unlimited number of extensions to Encompass. The number of extensions a partner integration can send is predefined in the extensionLimit in EPC Configuration, and displayed in the Encompass Services Management setting.