Delegating Credentials as an Administrator

Let's assume you have defined a set of credential requirements in your application's configuration (as described in the previous section). To receive a credential set that meets those requirements when a user launches your application, the user's Administrator needs to create and assign said credentials to the subject user.

Delegating like a Lender Admin

To test this in your Encompass sandbox, you will need to log into Web Version of Encompass using your sandbox's Administrator user. Once logged in, click on Services Management on the side-nav, which will render the integration's Settings section for Web Version of Encompass. This is the central location that Encompass administrators use to manage all services built on the EPC 2.0 platform across the Encompass application suite.

Step 1:

Select the specific category under which you listed your product (as specified in your product configurations $.tags.categories). A multi-tab grid will appear with an individual tab for each settings section:

  1. Order Options - This section allows Administrators to grant users access to integrations, either in manual ordering or 1-click ordering mode, as well as configure loan condition trigger-based automated orders.

  2. Credentials - This section allows Administrators to delegate company-level, or user-level shared/individual credential sets for users when ordering services via a Partner application.

Step 2:

Navigate to the Credentials section and click the Add button on the top-right of the grid. Select your product from the drop down, listed as specified by the $.listingName property in its configuration, and you will be navigated to its credential set-up screen.

You will see one or both of the Company-level and User-level credential sections, based on the scope values of the credential properties you registered in your product configuration:

  1. Company-level credentials: Encompass administrators are able to set a single value for a company-level credential field for all the users in their instance.

  2. User-level credentials: Encompass administrators are able to associate user-level credential sets to a single user, group of users, or an entire user organization. Administrators can also override company-level credential values here for specific users as intended.

Set each credential attribute as appropriate for your testing, assigning any user-level credentials to the user who will test your application. Note, when your application receives credentials during origination/fulfillment, it will always receive the merged credential set, containing both company and user level credentials, as delegated to the subject user.

Let's learn how you can receive and process credentials during transaction origination/fulfillment in the next sections!