Release to Production

Rollout to Lender Production Environments:

Partners should rotate their API keys from the test set to the production set as part of a rollout to start serving lender production traffic. Partners can do this before or after submitting their integration for approval.


Changing API Keys from test to production

Partners will not be able to serve lender production traffic until they transition to their production API keys, so do so before enabling access for a lender.

Once the integration is approved for release to production, Partners will work with ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) to add Lender production instances to their approved product access entitlements. This can be done in one of two ways:

  • Limited Availability (LA) - Release to a few customers first in their production environment
  • General Availability (GA) - Release to all Encompass customers in their production environment

Handling Production Maintenance

After a product is put into production, most configuration options cannot be changed without IMT involvement, but Partners can always update Webhooks and interface routing settings for their products in production.

All other configurations are not directly editable, i.e. they are read-only for an approved product:

  • Listing
  • Tags
  • Data entitlements
  • Access entitlements
  • Credentials schema

Changes to these properties affect lender configurations tied to the Partner product. Therefore, changes to these for an approved product may warrant a new listed version of the Partner product.

Handling enhancements or changes to your product

Your integration will change over time as you add new features, make bug fixes and add new capabilities. One of the key use cases with EPC is enabling Partners to maintain production applications and develop new capabilities and enhancements. Partners can test changes using their pre-production products that are available in their sandbox Encompass instances. You may use an acceptance testing environment (UAT) to test your integration in a pre-production lender environment by giving access to specific lender sandboxes or test instances. This enables you to test and validate product enhancements with a small set of customers prior to submitting the new version of your integration for approval.

When you are ready, update your approved product configuration to point to your production endpoints for the UI and server-side components. When releasing a new version that will be listed differently than a previously-approved product, the new name and product configuration will need to go through the approval process.