Document Mapping

Document Mapping enables lender administrators to specify the destination folders in which the documents sent by integration should be saved. For this the integration needs to register and specify the document types and the lender administrators need to map those doc types to destination folder. If no mapping is specified the documents are saved in category default folder as listed below:

CategoryDefault Destination
FLOODFlood Certificate
PRODUCTPRICINGProduct and Pricing
CREDITCredit Report
TITLETitle Report
DOCDocument Preparation
FRAUDFraud/Audit Services
MIMortgage Insurance
ClosingFeesOther Services
OTHEROther Services

Enabling and taking advantage of this feature quires involves a three-step process, as documented below:

Step 1: Product Configuration as part of response entitlement

In the product configuration, partners need to register the list of document types that they will be sending under in the response as a resources array

"response": {
  "fields": [
    "resources": [
"resources": [
               "Final Report",
               "Review Form",
               "Vendor Invoice",

Step 2: Encompass Configuration

Lenders (Web Version of Encompass administrators) need to update the Services Management setting in their Encompass instance to map Document Types with eFolder Document Folders - configure which document types need to be saved to which eFolder Document Folder.


Document Mapping Configuration in Encompass Settings

Step 3: Send Document Type in Transaction Response

Partners then need to send the document type in the resource section of their payload.

"resources": [
                "id": "d17fe9da-d432-43a9-a384-5d84ade7bfec",
                "name": "WireFrame_GDMS.pdf",
                "mimeType": "application/pdf",
                "type": "Final Report"



The "type" parameter in the code sample above has been introduced to handle the document type.