Encompass Partner Connect provides errors collection within the transaction.response object. Use this collection to indicate errors within your fulfillment process. You can do that by patching the transaction response with a payload similar to the following:

    "status": "failed",
    "partnerStatus": "request processing failed",
    "errors": [
            "code": "PARTNER-1001",
            "description": "Invalid credentials.",
            "type": "partner",
            "fieldId": "field name or modelpath",
            "resourceId": "27b7fad6-d0ca-4d17-9423-9e8e358c716b"

Error Structure

codeUnique code for the error. (Required)
descriptionUser-friendly description of the error. (Required)
typeError type. Currently, all partner errors should be partner errors.
fieldIdResource field related to the error.
resourceIdResource related to the error. Resource needs to be already uploaded.

For an index of the errors you may use, with their error code and description, see the Partner Error Codes and Descriptions section below.

Partner Error Codes and Descriptions

Error CodeDescription
PARTNER-1001Invalid credentials.