June '23 Release

The EPC 2.0 June ‘23 release is scheduled for June 10, 2023. With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Correlation between Patch and Webhook Transaction Events

Prior to this release, Encompass Partners sending multiple Patches to a single Transaction did not have a value to correlate the Patch Transaction to the webhook transaction event indicating that Processing has completed. To bridge this gap, Get transaction with event id now returns a requestCorrelationId in the response.



requestCorrelationId is not included in custom partner events.


Service Setup

Prior to this release, Service Setup Evaluation returned redundant data not used by the UI or caller. With this release, contract has been simplified to help ensure enhanced performance via reduced network/memory load on UI.

PPE Schema

The PPE schema for LOCK_CONFIRM action has been updated with buySide section comments.

Field Mapping Enhancements

The EPC March ‘23 Release introduced a new Field Mapping feature enabling lenders to download CSV template from Encompass Web (Services Management) to send to partners, create mappings between Encompass field IDs and Provider field names, export and import CSV files.
This release enhances the Field Mapping page with the following new filter types:

Field Mapping Updates

Field Mapping Updates

Filter by Mapping Type

Lender users can now view records specific to a Mapping Type on the Field Mapping page so that they can work with a more streamlined precise dataset based on their requirements.
To support this update, Mapping Type drop-down list displays the following (filter) values, available for selection:

  • All (default value)
  • Maps To
  • Maps From
  • Maps Between

Apply Search all to Mapped Fields

Use the new Search all field on the Field Mapping page to implement filtering on the list of already mapped items on the Encompass Services pages.

  • When you type any text in the search box, it dynamically matches the mappings that include that text.
  • Search all field populates and displays matching values for the Encompass Field ID and Provider Field Name column values only (Not for Mapping Type column values as that is addressed by Filter By).
  • Export icon can be used to export saved values from Search all results.

[EPC-31247, EPC-31254]