March '23 Release

The EPC 2.0 March '23 release is scheduled for March 18, 2023. With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Support for standard industry loan formats

With March '23 release EPC platform expanded request exports to support the following formats:

  • urn:elli:document:type:loandelivery-fannie : ULDD for Fannie Mae
  • urn:elli:document:type:fannie32 : Fannie Mae 3.2 format URLA 2009
  • urn:elli:document:type:loandelivery-freddie : ULDD for Freddie Mac
  • urn:elli:document:type:closing26-extended : Extended MISMO Closing 2.6.1 Dataset
  • urn:elli:document:type:ucd : UCD dataset
  • urn:elli:document:type:ucd-final : Export the UCD marked as Final
  • urn:elli:document:type:cd33 : Closing Disclosure Data Export
  • urn:elli:document:type:FREDDIE42 : Freddie Mac origination export used with the URLA 2009 application
  • urn:elli:document:type:aus24 : MISMO 2.4 Underwriting Export
  • urn:elli:document:type:closing231-lockform : Closing Lockform Data Export
  • urn:elli:document:type:le33 : Loan Estimate Data Export
  • urn:elli:document:type:uladdu : DU MISMO 3.4
  • urn:elli:document:type:uladpa : LP MISMO 3.4
  • urn:elli:document:type:ilad : iLAD


GSE (Government-Sponsored Enterprise): External Resources

For more information on URLA, see FAQs: Uniform Residential Loan Application / Uniform Loan Application Dataset

For more information on iLAD, see Industry Loan Application Dataset (iLAD) 2.0.1

Products and Pricing Specific Changes

Products and Pricing integrations can now use UPDATECONFIRM even if the logged in user doesn't have access to secondary lock form in Encompass. In _Secondary Registration / Snapshot List, Requested By will still display the user requested the lock but Fulfilled By will display partnerconnect.

Better Auditing Capability

Currently EPC provides contact information of the lender user who originated the transaction in two ways:

  • originatingParty in get origin call (GET v2/origins/:id)
  • requestingParty in get transaction request (GET /v2/transactions/:id)

Since lender users may have same contact information, EPC has added a new "identity" object in the two calls mentioned above to provide a hash of the lender user unique username.

  "identity": {
    "hash": "84729d12ed06f555b769fd3bb1bb9324ec747a18714800f06cbd1fb9edad2369"

Field Mapping updates

Field Mapping feature has been updated to help enhance the user experience:

  • New Downloadable CSV Mapping Template: Ability for lenders to download CSV template from Encompass Web (Services Management) to send to partners

Field mapping CSV template download

  • Mapping Type: Use this drop-down field to create mappings between Encompass field IDs and Provider field names. Encompass Field ID can be mapped to and from Provider Field Name; bidirectional mapping can also be created between the two fields.

Mapping Type drop-down field

  • Import: Lenders can use the Import icon to import files populated with data by partners into Encompass Web, enabling bulk upload of data instead of manual data entry.

Import mapping file

  • Export: Lenders can use the Export icon to export partnerโ€™s existing mappings into a CSV file from Encompass Web to send to partners.

Export mapping file