Jul '20 Release 🎉

The EPC 2.0 July 2020 release is now live in production! With this release, we enhanced the transaction response workflows that facilitate updates in the Encompass Lending Platform based on partner integration transaction responses:

Support for Custom Transaction Result Workflows:

Most service providers using the EPC platform are looking to deliver two primary artifacts to a lender upon fulfillment of a service order request - loan specific data, and file attachments. For example, an appraisal integration aims to deliver the final appraised value of the subject property to the loan along with the appraisal report as a PDF file. There are some integrators though, that may want to do more than just importing loan data and file attachments into the loan. An example being pricing engine integrations, which would also want to initiate a special workflow to trigger the interest rate lock for the subject loan, based on the loan program the lender has selected for the borrower.

To initiate such a custom workflow, the EPC platform has introduced a defined set of transaction response results. A result represents a workflow that needs to be initiated as a result of the successful fulfillment of a service order. It occurs in parallel with standard loan and file attachment ingress, but usually involves more complex orchestrations within Encompass. The initial result set EPC supports comprises of operations related to a loan program pricing integration - such as:

  1. Requesting the interest rate lock for the loan
  2. Extending the lock period for a previously confirmed lock request
  3. Changing the details of (re-locking) a previously confirmed rate lock request
  4. Canceling a previously confirmed rate lock request

This is just the start! We hope to introduce more custom result workflows for integrators with more specific goals than just supporting standard data and document ingress. For now, check out our updated developer guides to learn more about the custom result workflows EPC has introduced for loan program and pricing engines.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to us at [email protected]. You can also post your questions and look for answers on our discussion board - which is actively tracked by a community of experts available to help as needed.