June '21 Release 🎉

The EPC 2.0 June '21 release is now live in production! With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Persona support for EPC Platform

EPC integrations will now receive the persona information in the origin transaction within the originatingParty.pointOfContact object. This enables the integrations to control access to certain feature and functions in their user interface, based on the user's persona.

To support this enhancement, origin information has been updated to now include Persona information.



If a user is assigned to multiple personas, then the set of personas will be returned.

For more information, see Transaction Origination.

Deny lock action

EPC integrations now have ability to deny a lock request via EPC transaction action

For more information, see [Custom Transaction Result Workflows]

Additional details in transaction response webhook
Transaction response webhook resources now include an additional attribute called details that includes information like transactionId, requestType & status for regular loan update transaction and more attributes such as lockId, lockStatus and action for lock request type of transactions

For more information, see [Transaction Response Events]
and Response webhook resources for rate locks