October '21 Release

The EPC 2.0 October '21 release is now live in production! With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Accept eFolder name directly in the type field of resources

EPC integrations will now enable you to specify the eFolder name in the type attribute of resources, as part of the transaction response.

  • If Lender Mapping exists for value passed in the "type" : The eFolder name will be derived from the lender mapping
  • If Lender Mapping does not exist for value passed in the "type" : The value passed in the type will be treated as eFolder name; if the eFolder does not exist than it will be created
  • If No type attribute is sent: resources goes in the default category folder

Acquire loan lock on transaction.set

With this update, when you execute a transaction.set, the retry cycle can be bypassed when loan documents are retrieved and attached to the loan.

Display fields on the Services Landing Page

Partners can now define which fields will be displayed on the Services Landing Page in Web Version of Encompass. For more information, see Transaction Fulfillment.



The ability to define the fields displayed on the Encompass SLP will be supported in a future release. With the EPC Oct 2021 release, partners can test the feature in Encompass Partner Connect in preparation of the upcoming Web Version of Encompass release.