March ’24 Release

The EPC 2.0 March ’24 release is scheduled for March 21, 2024. With this release, we've included the following fix:

Desktop Version of Encompass: Loan save issues

Encompass (Desktop) users were unable to save the loan after placing a service order through EPC. Various error messages displayed, users were forced to reopen the loan file, and loan updates performed since the last loan save were lost.

To fix the issue, a solution has been implemented to prevent lender users from immediately closing the services window while the order is being processed. A message is now displayed to hold the window for 20 seconds each time until the service order response processing in the background is completed. If process is completed within 20 seconds, the integration will be closed as soon as possible. If the process continues after 20 seconds, lender user will be given the opportunity to keep the integration open and kickoff another 20 seconds of monitoring, or exit the integration with a potential risk of running into the same production issue.



The following workaround was provided for this production issue:

  • Wait until you receive a response from the service provider before closing the order window.


Another EPC 2.0 March ’24 release is scheduled for March 26, 2024. With this release, we've included the following fix:

New pop-up window not closing

The pop-up window introduced as part of the March 21, 2024 fix was not closing, especially for CoreLogic.

As a workaround, users had to press Alt and Tab keys (together) to locate the dialog box, and click the X on the right corner of the pop-up to manually close it. This did not work if there were multiple pop-up windows, and Encompass had to be force closed.

This issue has been fixed so that the feature released on March 21, 2024 is now functioning as designed.