June '22 Release

The EPC 2.0 June '22 release is scheduled for June 11, 2022. With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Performance improvements for webhooks

Improvements in webhooks delivery speed and reliability due to webhooks architectural changes across ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) platforms.

Service Orders tracking improvements

Enhanced service order tracking for EPC integrations on IMT products: Encompass user that initiated the service order, last Encompass user that updated the order (with time stamp), and a unified way of presenting the users irrespective of Encompass user or External Company user (TPO).

Product and Pricing-specific improvements

The following Product and Pricing integrations improvements are included with this release:

  • Ability to update investor template in any lock action through
    loan.investorTemplate.name. For more information on investor template(s), log into Encompass Developer Connect portal, and see:

  • Ability to update the following fields in LOCK and RELOCK lock actions:

    • Loan.RateLock.TeaserRate
    • Loan.RateLock.DisclosureType
    • Loan.RateLock.IndexCurrentValuePercent
    • Loan.RateLock.BuydownType
    • Loan.RateLock.CondominiumIndicator
    • Loan.RateLock.CooperativeIndicator
    • Loan.RateLock.PudIndicator
    • Loan.RateLock.NotInProjectIndicator
    • Loan.RateLock.FHASecondaryResidence
  • Ability to update the following field in UPDATE_CONFIRM lock action:

    • Loan.RateLock.Hedging

Document Uploader updates


Document Uploader updates: June 2022

  • Search and sort grid headers: Ability to sort grid headers in Document Uploader(getAvailableResources). Users can type search values for dynamic sorting. Depending on the search results, column headers can enable drop-down lists.
  • Source parameter passed: Prior to this release, the document picker widget displayed all eFolder & eSign resources, resulting in long lists that needed to be scrolled through. With this release, an optional parameter "allowedSourceTypes" is passed to display only 'efolder' or 'esign' or 'both' source files, thereby displaying a filtered, easier to navigate through lists.



EPC integrations can leverage this feature to launch any one of the source file documents.

OpenModal updates

Event is emitted during Close and Cancel button of OpenModal in Encompass (desktop application), so that the calling host application (integration hosted within the iframe) can close the integration and redirect to the Order Details page.