January '22 Release

The EPC 2.0 Jan '22 release is now live in production! With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Update Rate Lock Action

With this new action, EPC integrations will be able to support Secondary desk workflows that require updating rate locks.

  • The user will be able to specify buySide, sellSide and comparison data as part of this action
  • An update action on a lock in requested state also marks the lockStatus to Locked and requestStatus to Not Locked
  • An update action on a lock in confirmed state creates a new snapshot

MISMO 3.4 file exports for Mortgage Insurance (MI)

EPC integrations in the MI category can now enable MISMO 3.4 export in their entitlements.

"entitlements": {
        "data": {
            "transactions": [
                    "request": {
                        "fields": [

Description field added to Document Uploader window

The Document Uploader window has been updated with a Description column which displays the same document description from Encompass for the same loan. This enables partners to distinguish between e-Signed and wet-signed documents with the same file name as per the description.


Description Column