Jan '20 Release 🎉

The EPC 2.0 January 2020 release is now live in production! With this release, we've made a number of new features and improvements available:

Encompass Desktop Compatibility with Partner Integrations:

The Encompass desktop application can now launch EPC integrations with no required changes to the integrations implementation. The same integration user-interface can interoperate across Loan Officer Connect and Encompass Desktop, reducing the development and maintenance effort needed to build an integration that serves both applications.

Exclusive Loan Lock Reconciliation on Encompass Desktop:

When a user opens a loan on the Encompass desktop application, they acquire exclusive edit rights on the loan. This lock on the loan prevents the EPC platform from updating the loan file outside of the users session with Encompass, which creates challenges for synchronous service orders such as Credit, Flood and Verification reporting. With this release, EPC takes care of handling exclusive loan locks behind the scenes. This enables Partner integrations to update the loan in the same ordering session while the loan is open and locked by the user.

Consolidated Integration Settings Across Encompass Desktop and Loan Officer Connect:

With this release, all integration settings and user permissioning for integrations on the EPC platform, across the Encompass desktop client and Loan Officer Connect, will be centrally managed via the Encompass Web Admin application. This allows Lenders to manage all the settings for an EPC based Partner integration in one place for all supported applications.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to us at [email protected]. You can also post your questions and look for answers on our discussion board - which is actively tracked by a community of experts available to help as needed.