Apr '20 Release 🎉

The EPC 2.0 April 2020 release is now live in production! With this release, we've made a number of new features and improvements available:

Product User Interface Load Time Optimization:

With this release, Encompass application users will see a significant improvement in the time it takes to navigate to a partner applications user interface. The time between an Encompass application user selecting an integration to launch, and the integrations user-interface being navigated too, now clocks in at 2500 milliseconds or less, 90% of the time. Of-course, this measurement does not account for the time it takes for Partner applications to download their artifacts to the users browser and render the applicable view.

Credential Management - for Lenders:

Lender administrators now have access to Web Version of Encompass' new service credential management feature for defining users and company level credentials for use with EPC integrations by their users. This feature greatly simplifies an integrations authentication workflow. For a given lender user, a valid set of credentials for a partner integration needs to be entered only once across ICE Mortgage Technology products. EPC stores these credentials in secure and encrypted storage on behalf of lenders and supplies them to the partner's integration when the integration user-interface makes a transaction origination request. Partners define their credential requirements as part of their product configuration, and this information is used to drive the credential setup experience for lenders in Encompass. This feature relieves partners from dealing with mapping Encompass user identities to their own system identities - accelerating their integration development timeline.

Mutable transaction request options:

Transaction request options are now mutable. A product frontend can update the values of transaction options after the transaction is created. Previously, these options were immutable after a transaction was created. This enables partners to allow lenders to modify a service order after is successfully submitted. When a lender user changes options for an existing transaction request, the parter will receive a new webhook notification at the URL it specifies in its product configuration. Calling transaction endpoint will provide the partner will updated transaction request options as well as a fresh set of loan fields specified in the product data entitlements.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to us at [email protected]. You can also post your questions and look for answers on our discussion board - which is actively tracked by a community of experts available to help as needed.