April '22 Release

The EPC 2.0 April '22 release is now live in production! With this release, we've included the following new features and improvements:

Name picker added to eFolder Document Folder field

The eFolder Document Folder field has been updated with a drop-down enabling lenders to select eFolder document folders from the available list. Lenders can also manually enter document folder names in this field by typing. Selections made in the eFolder Document Folder field will be saved in the Lender Transformation only and not in Document Container Settings.

The following API is being leveraged to map the eFolder names in the search:


Updated branding: generic Loading/Spinner icon

Prior to this release, non-ICE Mortgage Technology (IMT) users with their own branding were viewing IMT branded spinners while launching partner integrations. With this release, the loading/spinner icon has been updated from the IMT-branded icon to a generic spinning wheel to support hosting application (such as Encompass TPO Connect) users.


UX customization support

Starting with this release, when the integration is ready, an event is created as a notification to help control the user experience through the host application and the hosted adaptor.

Cancel Transaction update

Prior to this release, the transaction.cancel event triggered from the EPC host adaptor emitted the transaction.close event and closed the integration. Starting with this release, transaction.cancel no longer emits the Close event; it only emits the Cancel event and then redirects to the Services Landing Page (SLP).

Performance improvement for rate lock actions

Performance improvements for the Product and Pricing Engine integrations are included with this release.



This is a performance update only – no changes to contract and/or product functionality.

Enhanced control over resource container creation

Enhanced control over the creation of Encompass eFolder containers when updating the transaction response.

By default, transaction updates create a default resource container, which may result in duplicate resource containers. To avoid this duplication, a new product flag, skipDefaultResourceContainerCreation, is being introduced with this release. The default value for this flag is false. When you change this value to true, duplicate containers will not be created.



This update is backward compatible for all EPC integrations.

  "entitlements": {
    "data": {
      "transactions": [
          "request": {
            "fields": []
          "response": {
            "fields": [],
            "skipDefaultResourceContainerCreation": true
          "requestTypes": [

Log4j vulnerability mitigation

CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability issues addressed, and processes updated to protect against similar vulnerabilities in the future.

Fixed issues

The following issues have been fixed with this release in Document Uploader:

  • For loans with multiple eSign documents, document uploader incorrectly displayed the first document as uploaded although subsequent documents were selected for upload. This has been fixed so that the selected document is uploaded.
  • Upload failed with timeout when files larger than 250 MB were uploaded. This has been fixed, and a file size restriction message now displays during upload.